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Girl Riding a Tricycle



Our physical therapists have over 130 years of cumulative experience evaluating and treating sensory-motor, neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, and other movement disorders and injuries. 


They work with both the client and their family to improve or restore the child’s ability to participate in the functional, safe exploration of their environment and participate in their community activities.  Physical therapy also addresses many conditions to prevent secondary complications and resolve painful movements.


Our occupational therapists provide skilled services to help children gain independence and ease the challenges of caregivers. 


OTs evaluate, diagnose, and treat delays and disorders involving fine motor skills, motor coordination, visual-motor skills, age-appropriate activities of daily living, play, social skills, and meaningful integration of sensory information.

Teacher and Student
Boy Playing Outside



Our speech-language pathologists are specialists in evaluating and treating pediatric communication, literacy, and feeding concerns.


They address listening and speaking skills, articulation (speech), social communication, voice, literacy, and reading strategies, oral-motor skills, feeding development, swallowing, play skills, and augmentative-alternative communication methods. 

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